Polar Clean

Polar Clean is a film-free cleaner that removes dirt and other surface soils while preserving gloss. It can be used to neutralize floors after stripping as well as for many non-floor applications.

Polar Shine

Polar Shine 24% floor finish is a combination of cross-linked polymers and high solids, which give it the highest gloss and best possible wear characteristics. It resists dirt pick-up, scratching, scuffing, and black marking.

Ice Shine

Ice Shine 18% floor finish is excellent all-around floor finish designed for both high-and low- speed buffing programs (18% actives). Extremely detergent-resistant, it contains a superior plasticizer solvent blend, which replaces phthalate plasticizers-a known carcinogen and common component in floor finishes.

Dust Away

Dust Away is a non-staining, clear liquid dust mop treatment for the daily cleanup and control of dust and dirt particles that accumulate on surfaces.

Formula 770

Formula 770 is a concentrated hot- or cold-water extraction cleaner that contains anti-foam, deodorants, soil-suspending agents, and optical brighteners.

Ice Crusher

Ice Crusher is a non-ammoniated stripper is fast and effective on finishes that have been buffed at high speeds for extended periods of time.